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Safety Inspections

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We understand how stressful boiler and heating faults can be especially during the winter. No matter what type of Gas domestic boiler you currently have in use, we can repair or replace damaged parts or where required, supply and fit a new energy efficient boiler or central heating system

We are never far away in an emergency. If your central heating system is on the brink, rest assured we can fix it

We offer

fair and upfront pricing

Flexible appointments

Rapid response where possible

Always arrive within time frame

friendly local engineers

National network of suppliers

ACS accredited and Gas safe registered

Boiler Service

Carbon Monoxide can kill and is caused by faulty or poorly maintained appliances.

It is vital that you get your boiler serviced regularly to make sure you have peace of mind that it is working safely and efficiently as possible

To reduce the risk of breakdowns, the manufacturers recommend your boiler is serviced every year. Moreover, an annual boiler service can save you as much as

10-15% off your household energy bills

It is a good practice to have your annual boiler service carried out in the summer months to help ensure your boiler is in peak condition for when you need it the most

What Engineer will do during service

Gas pressure test to ensure unit operating within correct parameters

A flue integrity check and test to ensure emissions are safe

Inspect your boiler and controls for correct operation

Visually inspect boiler for corrosion and leaks

cleaning all appropriate filters

Lubricate fan where required

Issue record of service

Gas Safety Inspections

We take Gas safety very seriously and all of our gas engineers are qualified to carry out all gas works including Gas safety inspections

In 1996, the UK government made it a legal requirement that all landlords, who rent either part or all of a property to have all household gas appliances and pipework checked every 12 months and for a landlord gas safety certificate to be issued on completion

What Safety inspections Include?

Full visual inspection of gas appliances and pipework

Check appliance and network for gas tightness

Check standing and working gas pressures where possible

Check pressures against manufacturers guidelines

Check for satisfactory provision of necessary ventilation

Test Flue to ensure removal of products of combustion where applicable

ensure satisfactory operation of all flame supervision devices

Investigate and report where appropriate any evidence of unsafe operation

A completed Gas safety record will then be issued on the same day of inspection

A Gas safety inspection is similar to a car MOT. No repair work or maintenance work is carried out. It is a safety inspection ONLY. It is not a substitute for a boiler service

Fast and Painless boiler repair

Satisfaction Guarantee

Alongside the manufacturers guarantee, we also extend a one year guarantee on all works

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